Creating wealth can be difficult, especially when machines will do most of the work.

Take The Wealth of Generations Online Course and learn to generate generational wealth with confidence.

  • You can create Wealth for Generations.

    After finishing this course you will be able to generate wealth for generations to come. This means, your kids can go to college without taking a student loan. It means you can spend more time with your family. It means you can support your community.

  • The machines will work for you.

    AI and robots will change the way how we make money. Machines will become the way how we create income. This course will give you the knowledge of how to create financial assets that will create assets utilizing emerging technology and financial sophistication.

  • You can become financially free.

    You heard it many times. But this program is different. This course is designed to sharpen your morals, your mind, and improve your money situation. It will make you a sophisticated investor. Sophisticated investors will always make money, no matter how good or bad the current economy is.

  • You can become a Philanthropist (if you like to).

    Not everyone wants to become a philanthropist. And, today, only a few actually have the ability to be philanthropists. The goal of this course is to empower you to contribute to a better world by having the time and money to contribute to a good cause and the common good.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    We know that you will love this course, and you will be able to improve your life situation by completing this courseware. However, if you feel the course did not give you your desired results, we will refund your entire course fee.

  • Life-Long Access

    When you purchase this course today you will have life-long access to all the course material. Also, you will have access to all improvements, additions, and extensions of the courseware.

  • Listen to the Book in your Car

    All chapters have been narrated, so you can listen to the entire book in the car anywhere else just using your smartphone.

Course curriculum

16-Hour Online Course

  • 1

    Welcome Message

    • Welcome

    • My Personal Background

  • 2


    • Interview with Kristina Nyzell, Co-Founder of Futureproof, Founder and CEO at Disruptiveplay

    • Interview with Marla Althouse, Business Owner and Investor

  • 3


    • Introduction

  • 4

    Chapter 1: Why leave a Legacy?

    • Why leave a Legacy?

  • 5

    Chapter 2: The Moral Grounds of Wealth

    • The Moral Grounds of Wealth

    • The Suppression of Wealth

    • The Formula for Wealth

    • Are our generations getting wealthier?

    • Is Being Poor is a State of Mind?

    • Generations of Wealth

    • Family Values

    • Building Wealth without Greed or Fear

    • Are you ready?

  • 6

    Chapter 3: The 3 M’s: Morals, Mind and Money

    • The 3 M’s: Morals, Mind and Money

  • 7

    Chapter 4: Are You a Wealth Creator?

    • Are You a Wealth Creator?

    • Average Investors and Sophisticated Investors

    • What are financial products?

  • 8

    Chapter 5: No Money Needed!

    • No money needed!

  • 9

    Chapter 6: Seven Investor Levels

    • The Seven Investor Levels

    • Investor Level Table

  • 10

    Chapter 7: The Division of Labor

    • The Division of Labor

  • 11

    Chapter 8:The Mindset of an Investor

    • The Mindset of an Investor

  • 12

    Chapter 9: Five Types of Asset Classes

    • Five Types of Asset Classes

  • 13

    Chapter 10: Does Wealth Trickle up?

    • Why does Wealth Only Trickle up?

  • 14

    Chapter 11: The Two Laws of Wealth

    • The Two Laws of Wealth

  • 15

    Chapter 12: Passive Income

    • Passive Income

  • 16

    Chapter 13: Starting a Business

    • Starting a Business

  • 17

    Chapter 14: Wealth Management

    • Wealth Management

  • 18

    Chapter 15: Asset Quadrants

    • Asset Quadrants

  • 19

    Chapter 16: Ten Rules of Financial Sophistication

    • Ten Rules of Financial Sophistication

    • Your Own Rules of Financial Sophistication

  • 20

    Chapter 17: Social Capital

    • Social Capital

  • 21

    Chapter 18: Asset Development

    • Asset Development

    • The Trader (The Mercenary)

    • The Blue Chip Investor

    • The Wise Investor

    • The Home Owner

    • The Naive Investor - A Dead Cow Investor

    • The Negligent Investor

    • The Looser

    • Final Thoughts

    • Balance Sheets

    • How to create and read a balance sheet.

  • 22

    Chapter 24: Exit Strategies

    • Exit Strategies

  • 23

    Chapter 19: Unproductive Assets

    • Unproductive Assets

  • 24

    Chapter 20: Asset Acquisition

    • Asset Acquisition

  • 25

    Chapter 21: Bubbles and Schemes

    • Bubbles and Schemes

  • 26

    Chapter 22: Dead Cows

    • Dead Cows

  • 27

    Chapter 23: Liabilities and Assets

    • Liabilities and Assets

  • 28

    Chapter 25: Retirement Assets

    • Retirement Assets

  • 29

    Chapter 26: Universal Basic Income

    • Universal Basic Income

  • 30

    Chapter 27: Asset Ownership and Control

    • Asset Ownership and Control

  • 31

    Chapter 28: Economic Progress for Generations

    • Economic Progress for Generations

  • 32

    Chapter 29: Evaluating your Home as an Asset

    • Evaluating your Home as an Asset

  • 33

    Chapter 30: Your Continued Action Plan

    • Your Continued Action Plan

  • 34

    Chapter 31: Family Wealth—My Grandfather’s Story

    • Family Wealth—My Grandfather’s Story

  • 35

    Final Thougts

    • Final Thoughts and Certification

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